About Us

The Padangton is a Padang fusion casual dining restaurant located in Kampong Glam, the brainchild of four cousins who grew up with the authentic Padang dishes cooked by one of our moms. We are inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Padang cuisine, and we put our own unique twist on classic dishes to create a dining experience that is both authentic and modern. 

The star of the show is a unique creation, the Lamb Shank Rendang Padangton. Slow-cooked in our signature authentic rendang Padang, the lamb shanks are tender and fall-of-the-bone soft. Wrapped as a Padangton, paired with the buttery, flaky pastry. 

The Padangton's menu consists of innovative Padang fusion dishes as well as traditional items like the Ayam Bakar Padang Rice Set and many other items.

We are committed to providing our guests with a truly memorable dining experience, and we invite you to come and try our unique take on Padang cuisine.